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we will have a sunny day

in a town that's cold and grey

Mein Führer, I can walk!
4 December 1987
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I'm Sophie. Twenty-three years lold. I'm Hungarian and thus belong to a minority at LJ or elsewhere (except for this great big mess of a small country - our democracy is younger than me, whoaaa. Also, kind of dead, as of 2011.) Little-known fact: Our language rocks yer face off.
My life isn't very interesting but I basically like it, that's why I keep the journal. I like to remember things, useless little fragments, and it sometimes scares me when I try to think about what I did last February, what the time felt like, and I can't. A good, old-fashioned diary, with occasional bursts of music sharing and wotsits. It's more for me than anyone else, you might find it rather boring, senseless and self-indulgent, because I like to indulge myself boringly and senselessly. It's simple. Yeah, and I only care what you think about me if I love you. That's when it gets more complicated. I'm often sarcastic, but sometimes I get tired of it. I'm generally not very serious.

I love music. Obsessively. There is never enough space on my hard drive for it, never enough cash for all the CDs and LPs I want to own, never enough good record shops to find the things I dream of buying some time in the future when I'm a rich girl. My prime interest lies in rock 'n' roll or classic rock or whatever you call it, but I will listen to and possibly enjoy literally anything. I do not like music snobbery. I love going to gigs, and I usually go crazy about a concert experience. I completely overrate it. Yes, it is the most important thing in life, betch.

I'm generally optimistic and positive towards people. I am also a dirty-mouthed, liberal, atheistic faghag. And if you're still reading this, you win might want to look into finding some new hobbies. Nothing wrong with liking LJ a bit too much, though. And why am I writing in English? Because otherwise you probably wouldn't understand it, and because I can practise so much this way. I love English and I want to get as good at it as possible.
I co-maintain (...overstatement) an icons & graphics journal, on_your_shore, where people more able and less lazy than me post wonderful things. Check it out.

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