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Yesterday lalaithh and I went hiking in the hills of Buda (well, just Mátyás Hill.)
The weather has taken an abrupt turn for the wonderful, with sunlight, the smell of spring in the air and pleasant temperatures. Until it gets dark, that is. I remember reading a hilarious fashion horoscope a while ago that proclaimed that Sagittarians are wont to ditch the woolly winterwear a little to early. Given that both of us were born under that sign, naturally we turned up in playtime gear suitable for a mild day in late April.
The hill, while not very big, houses an impressive cave system thingie in its belly, and we met a few caving enthusiasts. Some of them tried to discourage us from climbing. Partly because we must have looked like two clueless hipster chicks who got high and had a silly idea (pff. we are professionals. lol one of us, anyway), and partly because there had been a rock fall earlier that day. The sudden unfrozenness of it all had made everything slippery and dangerous. But it was a beautiful afternoon, the sunshine illuminated the rocky side of the hill in a really enticing way. We just climbed up the normal way, though, on some footpaths, and then at the top, climbed up on some alarmingly dry and dead-looking trees to catch a glimpse of the city. On the way down we could observe the houses (by which I probably mean preposterous mansions) of the "folks on the hill." The sunset was a psychedelic coloursplash and Szandra told me about the history of the rock formations. After sundown it got sneakily and mercilessly cold. We went back to the Collegium to have some sour cherry-flavoured tea with a good dose of ground ginger root to warm up.
It was really nice to get out there, I still can't abide Pest being so flat and devoid of nature.

Gyuri's gone to Belgium on an International Week. IWs are what the Association for International Relations consists of. You can go to all sorts of places around the world and spend a week with fellow uni students, cavorting, looting, pillaging, and raising all the kinds of hell which strengthen international cooperation. We had a plan to go together, because two was the quota for our country, but then some peeps from Japan signed on (unexpectedly, I guess), and the number of participants is limited, so I couldn't go.

At least I can be an exemplary student and actually attend the first week of classes this semester.
Below is a list of my new courses - all of them possibly so exciting professionally and so fascinating academically that I shall be all of a dither and keep sending for my salts every day for the next 14 weeks. Possibly not.

Hungarian Foreign Policy - I am trembling with delight at the very thought.
East-Central European Studies - oh, my word!
Israel – Politics, Economy and Beyond - this is actually in English. Not compulsory, am actually wondering about it
Regional World Econoics - Woooooow! No.
Applied International Law - Some kinda legal homework every week. It might even be useful.
Strategy and Conflict Management - yeah, sure, it's gonna be 100% theory
History of International Economic Relations - Zsinka subject, possible greatness?
Protocol - OH MY GOD A COURSE THAT IS ACTUALLY ABOUT DIPLOMACY IN PRACTICE, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!! ...Sadly, it clashes with another one. That one is compulsory while this one is not, so I'll probably sign off and hope I can take it next year.
Great Britain and the Commonwealth - LOL do I need this in my life? I need the easily gained good grade, if my assumptions are correct.
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The idea of me looking like a clueless hipster chick who got high on something made me feel really, really better after this nightmarish last week of hidrogeology, differential equations, geochemistry and... thermal-carst caves :D:D:D:D:D
LOLOL that's nice, then. :D