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oooooooh, gig quiz

Taken from ccr_358

Top 5 shows?
Patrick Wolf at the Palladium, London, 15 November 2009
Nine Inch Nails @ SYMA, Budapest, 24 July 2009
Robert Plant & the Strange Sensation at Sziget, 9 August 2006
Muse at Sportaréna, Budapest, 10 October 2007
Spiritualized at the Barbican, London, 17 December 2009
of Montreal at the Koko, London, 6 October 2010
The Flaming Lips at INmusic, Zagreb, 22 June 2010

Total number of shows?
There are 150+ artists that I've tagged with 'seen live' in (that's how I keep track of them.) Obviously, a lot of those were at the same festival, or openers before another band at a show, so IDK what you count as separate shows. Depending how strict you are, the number is anywhere between 100 and 200.

First show?
Paul McCartney, Leipzig, 4 June 2004

Last show?

Caribou at Gödör, 2 December 2010

Most surprising show?
The Hives at Sziget 2007. It was like, "Wow, this is the most fun anyone has ever had!"
Also Adam Green at the Flowerpot, 16 October 2009, because lol wtf a free show with a completely hammered Adam Green

Most disappointing?
LOL um, idk.
Xiu Xiu because it was over by the time we got there? :D
The Hives April 2008 bcuz it was cancelled
Röyksopp at Sound 2009 because they fairly obviously had no idea where or why or who they were (granted, I was high and drunk too, so I shouldn't judge.)
Some Sziget shows for being too short and/or plagued with technical difficulties and bad sound even though they were otherwise good, like Serj Tankian in 2008. Kasabian Sziget 2010 THE SOUND WAS SO FUCKED UP OH GOD. It crushed any hope of enjoying the gig. Muse at Sziget 2010 is also in this category because of the rubbish setlist.

Farthest traveled?
Technically London, England. But in 2009 I was there anyway, and last year we didn't go for of Montreal alone, but also to visit my sister. Okay, mostly to see of Montreal.
BUT I'd still say that Paul McCartney wins this one, because holy roly poly, I went to Germany by train.

Countries attended shows in?
Hungary, Germany, Austria, England, Croatia

Venue most visited?
Aside from the Sziget stages, probably the A38 boat or Trafó in Budapest.

Worst injury?
Nothing too serious or spectacular, just getting crushed in mosh pits.

Most expensive ticket?
Muse at the O2 Arena, London, 12 November 2009.

Band seen the most?

Žagar, Hétrét, Quimby and Yellow Spots.

Friends made at shows?
oh, ah, my boyfriend. XD

Band members met?
Dave Keuning and Mark Stoermer of the Killers (with extra drunk Dave lolz)
Emilíana Torrini (kskgjfjgdjg gorgeousness)
the members of 30Y
many members of Flogging Molly
Loreena McKennitt and Caroline Lavelle
Alex Kapranos of Fronz Ferdanind ♥
Suzanne Vega and Mike Visceglia
Brian May at not a gig
Spencer Krug and Dante DeCaro from Wolf Parade (at two different shows)
Kevin Barnes from of Montreal (aa he was well nice)

I have also intrusively groped Howlin' Pelle Almqvist, Ian Gillan, Michael Stipe, Gary Lightbody and Wayne Coyne.

Best souvenir from a show?
Setlists, guitar picks, broken drumsticks, signed tickets and records, and a plastic rose from Florence Welch's microphone stand. And confettiiiiiii!

Longest time in line?
Aaaaah god, Paul McCartney quite probably. From like 2pm until the gig started. It was raining the entire fucking time.

Most shows in one year?
Probably 2009, will not count.

Most shows in one week?
A Sziget week with 20-30 shows

Biggest crowd?
40k people at Paul McCartney, or about the same at various Sziget headliners

Any drunk encounters?
Like, naughty ones? Nah. I like being sober at shows most of the time. (Sziget and Balaton Sound... not so much.)

Top 5 worst concert moments:
Losing my phone during Muse at the O2, aaarrh (found it during Unintended, tho! Great moment.)
Nearly fainting and dying at Manu Chao
Having our camera taken away and the videos deleted during Wilco (ARGH KILL KILL KILL)
Really really annoying people being annoying right next to me/spilling beer on me/burning me with cigarettes
some of the "oh god i'm dying i can't breathe" bits when it got crowded at various gigs

Top 5 best concert moments:
Howlin' Pelle chillin' with the mortals in 2007
Kevin Barnes screaming into my face
Regina Spektor fucking up Samson and starting it again from the beginning
So many big communal singalongs and jumping up and down together, I can't list all that
basically the entirety of Patrick Wolf at the Palladium, but especially when Florence came on
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