Mein Führer, I can walk! (kashmir87) wrote,
Mein Führer, I can walk!

I got a Смена Символ from Gyuri as an early birthday present

HALP i cannot use real cameras. any tips are appreciated. rly rly excited

yesterday i found a dead cat in the gutter in front of a nearby house, and I thought it was my ex-cat Pork, the one who left us because she couldn't stand the dog, and moved in with these ppl who fed her into obesity. However, when I went in their front garden to knock on the door to ask them if it might be her, she was there sitting in a bush, all fat and purry and obviously still knowing who I am. Dad and I buried the other poor cat, which was positively huge, and really bloody frightened in death, eyes so wide they looked like giant marbles and mouth open in terror at the sight of the oncoming car. Silly cats, just stay put :(

Edit: oh yeah i really wanted to post this, Regina Spektor is putting out the fucking gig I went to on DVD and that is making me ecstatic
Tags: art, cats, concert, london, music, vid
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1. I had to Google "Смена Символ". Lol.

2. Um... What do you mean by 'cannot use'? I took a year's worth of photography in high school so they drilled me through it. Just make sure the aperture/shutter speed are aligned properly (there's a middle line thingy that should stay in the middle so that the exposure is okay). Oh, and make sure it's completely wound up before you remove the film. None of this will make sense, but HAVE FUN!!

3. I found a dead cat near my bus stop once. It was all mangled and looked like it suffered a stroke and a car crash at the same time. Silly cats!