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I'm on holiday at Balaton now, it is epicly awesome apart from the fact that right now I'm in town surfing the net at some hotel and it is 6356457768678123123 degrees and I should be on the beach instead. I'm here with bb and no one else yet, but ye olde friendes plz nip down here if you can!
We went to Balaton Sound on Friday, saw Big Boi, MIKA again after last year omg it was awesome again, i'll have videos up later, omg omg omg everyone started singing Happy Ending already when the keyboard player had only just started playing the chords (cheesiest chord sequence ever but it ALWAYS works) and it was so amazing gosh. Mika also asked us to sing happy birthday to Paloma aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww ♥ Manka got a set list, too :)
Then we saw Portishead, also really epic and Beth ran around holding ppls hands at the end she seemed really touched too, and also I caught a setlist afterwards.
I'm dying of heat and gotta go catch the train back to the beach, bye

scrape your knee

Yesterday lalaithh and I went hiking in the hills of Buda (well, just Mátyás Hill.)
The weather has taken an abrupt turn for the wonderful, with sunlight, the smell of spring in the air and pleasant temperatures. Until it gets dark, that is. I remember reading a hilarious fashion horoscope a while ago that proclaimed that Sagittarians are wont to ditch the woolly winterwear a little to early. Given that both of us were born under that sign, naturally we turned up in playtime gear suitable for a mild day in late April.
The hill, while not very big, houses an impressive cave system thingie in its belly, and we met a few caving enthusiasts. Some of them tried to discourage us from climbing. Partly because we must have looked like two clueless hipster chicks who got high and had a silly idea (pff. we are professionals. lol one of us, anyway), and partly because there had been a rock fall earlier that day. The sudden unfrozenness of it all had made everything slippery and dangerous. But it was a beautiful afternoon, the sunshine illuminated the rocky side of the hill in a really enticing way. We just climbed up the normal way, though, on some footpaths, and then at the top, climbed up on some alarmingly dry and dead-looking trees to catch a glimpse of the city. On the way down we could observe the houses (by which I probably mean preposterous mansions) of the "folks on the hill." The sunset was a psychedelic coloursplash and Szandra told me about the history of the rock formations. After sundown it got sneakily and mercilessly cold. We went back to the Collegium to have some sour cherry-flavoured tea with a good dose of ground ginger root to warm up.
It was really nice to get out there, I still can't abide Pest being so flat and devoid of nature.

Gyuri's gone to Belgium on an International Week. IWs are what the Association for International Relations consists of. You can go to all sorts of places around the world and spend a week with fellow uni students, cavorting, looting, pillaging, and raising all the kinds of hell which strengthen international cooperation. We had a plan to go together, because two was the quota for our country, but then some peeps from Japan signed on (unexpectedly, I guess), and the number of participants is limited, so I couldn't go.

At least I can be an exemplary student and actually attend the first week of classes this semester.
Below is a list of my new courses - all of them possibly so exciting professionally and so fascinating academically that I shall be all of a dither and keep sending for my salts every day for the next 14 weeks. Possibly not.

Hungarian Foreign Policy - I am trembling with delight at the very thought.
East-Central European Studies - oh, my word!
Israel – Politics, Economy and Beyond - this is actually in English. Not compulsory, am actually wondering about it
Regional World Econoics - Woooooow! No.
Applied International Law - Some kinda legal homework every week. It might even be useful.
Strategy and Conflict Management - yeah, sure, it's gonna be 100% theory
History of International Economic Relations - Zsinka subject, possible greatness?
Protocol - OH MY GOD A COURSE THAT IS ACTUALLY ABOUT DIPLOMACY IN PRACTICE, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!! ...Sadly, it clashes with another one. That one is compulsory while this one is not, so I'll probably sign off and hope I can take it next year.
Great Britain and the Commonwealth - LOL do I need this in my life? I need the easily gained good grade, if my assumptions are correct.
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10 March - IAMX @ Gasometer, Vienna

8 April - Patrick Wolf @ WUK, Vienna

16 April - Belle & Sebastian @ Gasometer, Vienna

23 May - Animal Collective @ Arena, Vienna

22 June - Arcade Fire in Wiesen

+ a few others I won't list because there's no way I could go to them anyway

A lot of money is needed. Also, cue bitching about how our country is still behind an iron curtain. Which isn't even fucking true, because Poland and Croatia have somehow lifted that curtain and have managed to book PW/AnCo. Arcade Fire are even going to Serbia. We are a nation of losers when it comes to organizing concerts by relevant pop music artists, hahaha.


break break break break break

Aaaaaaaaaah no more exams i am done!

I didn't really sleep this last night, spent it with political philosophers, went to bed at 10am after the exam was over, awoke at 2pm from a nightmare that I had one more exam and I had no idea what the answers were to any of the questions. being ridiculous as always.
6 As, 2 Cs (I just let them be. grades ain't the boss of me!) and one pending IDGAF, and I'm freeeeeeeeeeee-eeeee to do whatever I choose and I'll sing the blues if I want!

fhbfghgfnlhglglfjnlkhjk books
heroes of might & magic 3 (best game evar. loved it ever since it came out, it's pretty much the only computer game I've ever seriously played, and hell knows I've already wasted so much time with it between exams)
and next semester I'll go to classes because they won't all be at fucking 5am (okay, okay. 8am. I'm weak.)
and we'll take notes
I'm a bit nauseous

EDIT: ohohohohoho and the last one is an A, too. Pros will be pros. KA-CHING!!!

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I hope you all had a nice Christmas and that you will spend New Year's Eve the way you like it!
I'll post a ton of pics in the following days, of cute kids and unblogged events and all that.
[H] Maybe baby?

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I got a Смена Символ from Gyuri as an early birthday present

HALP i cannot use real cameras. any tips are appreciated. rly rly excited

yesterday i found a dead cat in the gutter in front of a nearby house, and I thought it was my ex-cat Pork, the one who left us because she couldn't stand the dog, and moved in with these ppl who fed her into obesity. However, when I went in their front garden to knock on the door to ask them if it might be her, she was there sitting in a bush, all fat and purry and obviously still knowing who I am. Dad and I buried the other poor cat, which was positively huge, and really bloody frightened in death, eyes so wide they looked like giant marbles and mouth open in terror at the sight of the oncoming car. Silly cats, just stay put :(

Edit: oh yeah i really wanted to post this, Regina Spektor is putting out the fucking gig I went to on DVD and that is making me ecstatic

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At some point I believe I must have had some exams. Prelims, I think they were called. I remember precisely nothing about them. Not where they took place, nor what kinds of questions we were given to answer. I suppose I must have passed them, for no trouble arose and no stern interviews were sought. My Cambridge proceeded pleasantly enough without the intrusion of academic study: a university is not, thank heavens, a place for vocational instruction, it has nothing to do with training for a working life and career, it is a place for education, something quite different. A real education takes place, not in the lecture hall or library, but in the rooms of friends, with earnest frolic and happy disputation. Wine can be a wiser teacher than ink, and banter is often better than books. That was my theory at least, and I was living by it.

Stephen Fry, The Fry Chronicles

That makes me feel a little better
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little vision come shake me up shake me up (music!)

I forgot to say: Wolf Parade were brilliant again. This time we caught Dante before the gig and he told us that they have lots of names for their songs (and that is why 'Ghost Pressure' is called 'Beyoncé' on setlists.) And I was right and it's him on the back cover of Expo 86. And none of the three kids on the front are him, they're all his cousins, take that, pitchfork!
And the gig was excellent. There was more fun and banter than in Budapest. Someone shouted "Cut your hair!" at Spencer, and he went, "You cut your hair!" clearly indignant, so they went on about that for a while. Also Dan tried to speak German... to prove his true-ass heritage cred? He's called Boeckner so it could be. But ppl don't even pronounce it the German way.
My only woe is that they didn't play 'Yulia' - 'Yulia' is greatness.

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This was on Wednesday. Because Vienna is close to Kőszeg, we went there to sleep, then back the next day, to see Wilco.
oh my god if you ever have a chance to go to a Wilco gig, just go, okay? no matter what. It was amazing, like srs. I would show you videos, but here comes the great sob story. The Gasometer security are all stupid vicious cunts, and take the ban on photo equipment seriously. I still managed to smuggle the HD camera in, hidden in my clothes, and i'm a laydee so i wasn't searched at all, let alone that thoroughly. BUT
the bastards noticed us recording, and fucking CHARGED INTO THE CROWD to seize the camera from us. They made Gyuri delete the two files we'd recorded.
this made me feel really, really angry and sad for a while, but the awesomeness of the concert washed it away. We also got a setlist and Jeff Tweedy's pick at the end (it was on the ground in the pit, but nobody had noticed it apart from my shrewd as fuck bf. haha suckaz.)
Later it occured to me that it's possible to restore deleted items.
So the next day we used Avira UnErase (a fucking brilliant lifesaving glorious kdjhdjh everyone should have it) to restore them. karsa_mistmere said it would work, and it did, up to a point. It restored the files, but they were unplayable unviewable, so it seems they're lost after all (that is if Karsa can't perform a miracle, wich I suspect he can, just cuz, you know. who else.)

so that's what I wanted to say, we're off to England tomorrow, I'll give the country your love, OR if you're in London, then see you soon!

Writer's Block: Do you remember?

What is your earliest memory?

My mother was taking me to the nursery (créche? I've never actually heard anyone ever use this word, apart from English teachers), you know, the thing before kindergarten, for really small kids. I guess I was 2, almost 3. I was furious, because I really didn't want to be taken there and left alone. I tugged at her hand and tried to throw myself to the ground and things like that. But I was taken and I stayed nevertheless. I was still raging, so I sat under a table and proceeded tear a Dörmögő Dömötör children's magazine to pieces with much vengeful delight.

I calmed down pretty soon after, unlike my friends who only lived about 2 minutes away, but still cried weeks and weeks after they started coming. I remember the nicer one of the ladies there trying to make them smile by making a robot out of toy building blocks (not Lego or Duplo, idk the name) and talking to them in a funny robot voice. The other lady was fat and had short, permed purple hair.

I also remember shouting the name of my grandma's neighbour's nice dog and getting to know him through the fence, and that must be one of the earliest ones as well.