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Aaaaaaaaaah no more exams i am done!

I didn't really sleep this last night, spent it with political philosophers, went to bed at 10am after the exam was over, awoke at 2pm from a nightmare that I had one more exam and I had no idea what the answers were to any of the questions. being ridiculous as always.
6 As, 2 Cs (I just let them be. grades ain't the boss of me!) and one pending IDGAF, and I'm freeeeeeeeeeee-eeeee to do whatever I choose and I'll sing the blues if I want!

fhbfghgfnlhglglfjnlkhjk books
heroes of might & magic 3 (best game evar. loved it ever since it came out, it's pretty much the only computer game I've ever seriously played, and hell knows I've already wasted so much time with it between exams)
and next semester I'll go to classes because they won't all be at fucking 5am (okay, okay. 8am. I'm weak.)
and we'll take notes
I'm a bit nauseous

EDIT: ohohohohoho and the last one is an A, too. Pros will be pros. KA-CHING!!!
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