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little vision come shake me up shake me up (music!)

I forgot to say: Wolf Parade were brilliant again. This time we caught Dante before the gig and he told us that they have lots of names for their songs (and that is why 'Ghost Pressure' is called 'Beyoncé' on setlists.) And I was right and it's him on the back cover of Expo 86. And none of the three kids on the front are him, they're all his cousins, take that, pitchfork!
And the gig was excellent. There was more fun and banter than in Budapest. Someone shouted "Cut your hair!" at Spencer, and he went, "You cut your hair!" clearly indignant, so they went on about that for a while. Also Dan tried to speak German... to prove his true-ass heritage cred? He's called Boeckner so it could be. But ppl don't even pronounce it the German way.
My only woe is that they didn't play 'Yulia' - 'Yulia' is greatness.


and i've just looked up links to their albums for the lovely forensicirulan, so i'll ctrl+v them in here, too.

apologies to the queen mary:
at mount zoomer:
expo 86:

This was on Wednesday. Because Vienna is close to Kőszeg, we went there to sleep, then back the next day, to see Wilco.
oh my god if you ever have a chance to go to a Wilco gig, just go, okay? no matter what. It was amazing, like srs. I would show you videos, but here comes the great sob story. The Gasometer security are all stupid vicious cunts, and take the ban on photo equipment seriously. I still managed to smuggle the HD camera in, hidden in my clothes, and i'm a laydee so i wasn't searched at all, let alone that thoroughly. BUT
the bastards noticed us recording, and fucking CHARGED INTO THE CROWD to seize the camera from us. They made Gyuri delete the two files we'd recorded.
this made me feel really, really angry and sad for a while, but the awesomeness of the concert washed it away. We also got a setlist and Jeff Tweedy's pick at the end (it was on the ground in the pit, but nobody had noticed it apart from my shrewd as fuck bf. haha suckaz.)
Later it occured to me that it's possible to restore deleted items.
So the next day we used Avira UnErase (a fucking brilliant lifesaving glorious kdjhdjh everyone should have it) to restore them. karsa_mistmere said it would work, and it did, up to a point. It restored the files, but they were unplayable unviewable, so it seems they're lost after all (that is if Karsa can't perform a miracle, wich I suspect he can, just cuz, you know. who else.)

so that's what I wanted to say, we're off to England tomorrow, I'll give the country your love, OR if you're in London, then see you soon!
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